If there is one question every business owner has from time to time it’s…what do I blog about?

It could be for social media, your podcast, video or your website.

What in the heck will I talk about this week?


Over the coming weeks, I am going to give you topics you can blog about, starting with the first ten tips here.

First things first, what do I mean when I say blog?

blog, the shortened version of what is known as a “weblog” is information, education and discussion about literally anything.

It can be uploaded to your website as a blog and is simply an article where you share your thoughts, ideas and opinion on something relevant to your target market.

For those who do not have a website, it can be uploaded to Facebook as a ‘Note’ on your business page, or an article on LinkedIn.

The secret to a good blog is this…stay in your own lane.

Like most of us, I can write or video on so many different topics when it comes to business owners and entrepreneurship.

The thing is, pick four to five topics or pillars you are passionate about, topics where you can be that person of influence in your own field.

For example, mine are social media, mindset, business and life.

Broad I know, but remember the secret here is to stay in your lane when it comes to social media, my lane is organic social media, and all the cool things you can do for free.

Yes, I could talk about landing pages, Facebook ads and the like, but I choose not to.


One of the most challenging things about blogging is getting started.

If you ever get stumped on what to write about, here are ten ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.


Create a Q&A post. What are common questions people have and what are their answers?

One of the best ways to start this is to write down the top ten questions your ideal customer asks you all the time.

There are ten blog topics right there.


Write a ‘How To’ post.

Walkthroughs, tutorials and how-to’s tend to do very well online.

Quite a few years ago, my beautiful mentor Nicola taught me this.

Give away your best stuff for free.

Yes, share a ‘how-to’ post on a topic you are an expert in.

With that said, people will not be able to do it like you, they are not you and once they realise the value you bring to the table, the investment of your helping them achieve their goal will be worth it.


Post the top resources for someone in your industry. Give links, downloads, videos, etc that might help them achieve what they’re trying to do.

Make sure you add your opinion and thoughts on why you have chosen the resources over others.

Amy Porterfield does this really well, she also includes her affiliate links, which is a great way of leveraging her posts.


Comment on a news event and on how it relates to your field.

These work really well with trends etc.


Bust a Myth.

What are common beliefs people hold in your industry that simply aren’t true?

This is a good one, I’ve done this one myself many times.

With all the internet marketers and online courses available, the social media space for small businesses can be very confusing.


Interview an expert, this could be someone local, and it does not need to be a famous person, there are so many people who know A LOT out there.

Post it in audio or video form on your blog, or even better, amplify it across all your social media platforms.


Review a product or service you have used; this is a great way to collaborate with other businesses and influence the marketplace.

What are its benefits and its drawbacks?

What sets it apart?

Would you recommend it?


Write an Update post – How it used to be, how it is today.

For example, “X used to work in the past, but with the recent changes in the market, you really need to do Y to get the same effects.”

This is ideal with the current state of affairs in the world.


Analyse someone else’s success.

Why did they make it?

What did they do differently than other people?

What are the key takeaways you have learnt?

When it comes to blogging, the most important tip is to start ~ Bron Watson


There you have it, the first of my topic tips for your blogging.

Remember, a blog can be shared in multiple formats, you may start with it as a podcast or a video and then have it transcribed.

It doesn’t have to start as a written piece of work, however, once transcribed, it is so much easier to slice and dice into your social media calendar.