The Social Coach for business, helping business owners get the right message to the right people at the right time online.

We all know that social media and marketing are essential in business these days, from getting more people to talk to, to positioning and brand awareness, we all have different goals and the team at The Social Coach are here to help.

Whether you have been around for a while, and marketing is not your thing, or you are a newer business where you wear all the hats in growing your business, the aim is the same…getting a bigger, better consistent cash flow.

With so many options available to a small business owner, we offer a ‘KickStart’ program where we teach, guide and support you as you learn the art of social media.

Our CEO and Founder Bron, has been in the business of building online programs for the past te

n years and has seen the world of online courses go through the roof.

With that said, it also means we know what you need to get your business online with a solid foundation, where you show up as ‘you’ no matter where a potential customer searches…be it from Google to Facebook to LinkedIn, we have you covered.


The program is delivered over a six-month period, the reason for this is that we want to be a part of the implementation process and help guide you as you do the work, to ensure maximum success.

The program combines an online training site covering ten key modules to have your business set up right online, plus group training sessions with Bron and expert guests, you and even be the ‘hot seat’ guest during our live training sessions, where Bron will help you directly with whatever you are stuck on at the time.

Module One

Foundations on social media for business: Self-awareness, niche, the social circuit and why mindset is so important.

It all starts with the ideal client/niche and understanding your customer so that you can market to them in such a way, that you attract the right people, with the right message at the right time.

Module Two

Designing a social media strategy. This module goes through the eight steps to design a social media strategy that works. This module will also go through the various ‘tools’ you can use to make social media management as efficient as possible with as many free tools available.

Module Three

Module Three takes a look at the various types of content creation, how to easily plan your content for a whole year, images, design and branding as well as helpful guides to generate social media content.

Let’s get the planning done so that you can get stuck into content creation and publication.

Module Four

Learn about the five focus areas of business, and how to develop a strategy and plan that actually works based on what you want to achieve in business.

The five focus areas will help and teach you the most important aspect of social media….consistency!

Module Five

Module Four is a big one. This module will take you through all things Facebook.

Module Six

This module focuses on Instagram and how to maximise exposure into your business. Whether it be the newsfeed, reels or stories, we have you covered.

Module Seven

Module Six continues with a breakdown of the social platforms and takes you through LinkedIn, both your personal profile and company page.

Module Eight

Ever wondered how to make TikTok work for business, module seven is a great place to start.

Module Nine

If you are in the creative space, Pinterest may be for you. Module eight covers a simple strategy to use this platform in your business.

Module Ten

Pulling it all together, use what you need and leave the rest.