The influencers have cracked the code, big brands have as well, but do you know how to make social media work for you and to be an influencer in your own market?

In part one of this topic, we talked about what being an influencer is really about, what questions to ask when deciding who you want to influence and the opportunity in the media right now, you can find the article here – Part one.

Let’s continue the conversation about engagement and participation so that you can begin to grow your own influence for free on your chosen platform.




What we’re looking for is participation.

This is not ‘participation marketing’, but rather … to position yourself as an influencer in your market, you must roll up your sleeves and begin communicating with others on social media. This includes replying thoughtfully, reaching out to others and skipping the easy go-to of simply clicking a ‘like’ or a ‘love’…

Participation is engaging with people online with a purpose, which is to get to know them and to connect and offer value with zero expectations in return.

As Mother Theresa said…’ Be faithful to the small, and the big will come.’

The small here is the connections, the conversations that may not make you money per se…however, what it will give you is a strong network of people who will introduce you to your perfect ideal customer…aka…the big thing.

The term social media engagement has been done to death in recent times, what it really means is to strengthen your customer relationships, because when your customer engages with your posts or sends you a message on social media, you’re presented with the opportunity to get to know them better.

This is the key to being an influencer…to know exactly who you want to influence and how.





Engage, Communicate and Interact at a Human Level

You want to provide value, connect and have a conversation.

Be proactive.

Don’t just reply to people who comment, but to everyone who is watching.

If you only reply and do not converse, that’s not engagement.

It’s common courtesy, but it’s not a conversation. The point here is to have conversations with meaning, with that human-to-human interaction.

Always post content worth engaging in. It could be a poll, a video, a product photo, something that makes people laugh, or a meme, but choose content that will receive a positive reaction.

People are on social media to be social, not necessarily to polarise or create an argument, (although there’s a lot of that going on right now too).



Participate Does Not Mean Lurking

How often do we go into a group, scroll through our newsfeed, passively consume the content, perhaps give a like or a heart, but not actively participate?

Now is the time to get in and respond, an influencer influences right?

Add value to your community and talk about the pain points and show that you can be the obvious solution.

This is not selling, it’s demonstrating.

What better way to attract your people than to walk the talk?



Know Your Ideal Customer – Your Audience

I have written loads of blogs on this over the year, check out a couple here




Make Sure You Balance Automation With Real Posts

With so many third-party apps helping us automate our content these days, don’t forget to balance it all out with, what I call spontaneous posts.

Think about your day, think about a time during the day when something cool, or funny happened, or you read something in your industry that really triggered you (not a rant).

You get on your preferred social platform and share a video, a live share, or an image about the story with meaning and value for your audience – this is spontaneous content.

Back this up with what I call foundation content, all the juicy bits we have been talking about.


Invest In REAL Relationships

Invest in connection and collaboration, not just ‘share’ for the sake of it, share with meaning.

What do you know about all the people you call ‘friends’ on Facebook?

Encourage your readers to comment, like and share. Start a Facebook group. Run contests and giveaways. Use images on every post. Ask a question. Post regularly and consistently.

There is a stack of ways to connect and collaborate online without it sucking up all of your time.




Social media engagement allows you to build customer loyalty as an influencer by helping your customers when they’re in need, building a relationship with them and offering a one-of-a-kind experience…loyalty equals the cash register ringing.

Value is not valuable unless it addresses the pain point of your ideal customer, and that’s where you create content that is popular and enjoyable, as well as informative for that client.

You can grow your followers by engaging with your customers. Being active on a social media page means that your page is worth following, which means that by posting content regularly, and communicating with your customers, people will naturally follow your page.

More importantly, collaborate with other brands to help you grow your followers. Collaborate with brands that have a similar audience.

If you have a similar audience but sell different types of products, you collaborate with someone who is complimentary to you.




I get asked this question a lot…’ How often do you post onto social media?’

The answer is not the same for everyone.

If you’re not posting at all, and I say to you to…go and post every day, what do think will happen?

The overwhelm will kick in and you’ll probably freeze and do nothing or try it for a bit and exhaust yourself and quit.

The algorithms do not like inconsistent posting, so if you’re posting here or there randomly, it tells the bots you are not active and they will not show your posts when you do post.

The solution… choose one day, three days, five days, but whatever you do, choose to post on the same day at the right time.

It’s also important to engage, which is really just social participation.

To be the influencer, you will need to give first, participate to play, embrace what is your one unique thing, get joy our of sharing that, and stand out online.

Have a great week,