As part of the ‘work with you’ program, we will be scheduling all your posts on your behalf.  This means we will need to have access to your accounts with a couple of different methods so that the team can manage the accounts for you.



There are two ways we use to post on Facebook.

The first is direct via the Facebook Meta Business Suite, here we use the scheduling tools provided by Facebook for posting longer videos.

You will receive an email from Facebook Meta asking for permission for the Bron Watson Business to access your page, please keep an eye out for it.

The second way is via Sendible, the links provided at the footer of this email.



There are two ways we need to access your account.

The first is direct via Instagram. The only way to post longer videos is direct, which means we will need direct access to your account.

Please email your login credentials to Andrea.

The second way is once again via Sendible, please click on the Instagram Business icon below and connect the account



There are once again two for us to access LinkedIn.

The first is direct, once again, this is the only way we can upload longer videos on your behalf.

Please email your login credentials to Andrea.

The second is to connect your LinkedIn Profile and Company page via the Sendible links below.



Please use the Sendible link below to add your Google My Business account.


If you have any questions or have not set up all your accounts, please email and we can assist.